LKS Constructions (WA) Pty Ltd


LKS Constructions is a company formed in 2010, the Director is a registered builder and qualified civil engineer who has a total of over 30 years construction experience gained in Australia and overseas.

LKS Constructions personnel have a wealth of experience in construction of buildings, civil and marine infrastructure. Working within fully operating environments, is one of the most exacting and potentially hazardous construction activities and requires construction and safety management by an organisation that recognises the issues and can cope with the stringent requirements of construction.

Through the company’s vast experience LKS staff is gaining a reputation as a high quality building contractor, servicing medium sized commercial and industrial construction, structural and civil engineering projects.

LKS Constructions specialises in commercial projects and has undertaken numerous different types of construction projects across multiple industries.  These have included technically complex and unusual commercial and industrial projects, including repair and refurbishment, multi-discipline and greenfields building works, along with building projects with large civil and structural engineering components.


Our People & Clients

LKS Constructions prides itself on recruiting highly experienced and professional staff. This ensures that the service we provide our customers is to the highest standard.

In addition to LKS team, we utilise a core group of reliable and trustworthy suppliers and sub- contractors to ensure seamless project delivery. LKS has developed and refined this network over numerous years of project management and implementation by the LKS Project Management Team.

LKS believes in the continuous development of its employees and ensuring they are provided with the latest information and training. Through this, our staff are equipped to ensure a safe working environment.

LKS Constructions and their staff have achieved an excellent relationship with many government and private clients, with several repeat clients such as:

  • Public Transport Authority (PTA)
  • Fremantle Port (FP)
  • Building Management and Works (BMW)
  • Local Councils: City of Canning, City of Perth,  City of Stirling and City of Swan
  • Programmed Facility Management
  • Curtin University
  • Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Management Plan

LKS has established a comprehensive suite of regulatory management plans, procedures and performance tools to ensure that its contracts are administered in the highest professional manner and in accordance with the requirements of today’s informed Clients.

The Management Plans cover:

ISO9001:2015 Quality Assurance and Quality Control Certified
AS4801:2001 Occupational Safety and Health
ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management
AS 4292.1:2006 Railway Safe-Working
MRWA Traffic Management


Construction in strict safety environments, specialist areas of building expertise and various technically challenging contract works include but are not limited to:

Public Transport Authority (PTA)

Working in a live, operating railway station requires certain skills. LKS has such expertise and all of our key staff have been trained in and are PTA accredited to relevant safe-working regulations. Completed projects include upgrades to toilets/tiling at Glendalough, Stirling and Midland Train Stations; and disability access upgrades and construction of car parks to four train stations: Kenwick, Beckenham, Meltham and Mt Lawley Train Stations. LKS project team have also successfully completed several construction civil projects which include shunters path at the Stadium Rail  and Nowergup Rail Depot; upgrade of On-Tracking Locations along Mandurah Line; Shelter Extension at Greenwood Station, Public Transport Centre Ground Floor Water Closet Redevelopment and Principal Shared Path at Guildford Station.

Building Management and Works

The personnel at LKS have completed many contracts with BMW and under the Department of Housing Works. LKS is prequalified Level 2 Conventional. LKS have successfully completed works/upgrades at Armadale and Ellenbrook Police Station, South Metropolitan TAFE, Cottesloe Primary School, Sunset Heritage Precinct, Honeywood Primary School and Dianella Heights Primary School Early Learning Facility.

Local Government Councils and Shires

LKS personnel have completed many contract works for different local councils over the past ten years. Completed works for City of Perth include Perth Concert Hall Toilet Refurbishment, Jacobs Ladder Remedial Works and Supreme Court Gardens Toilet Upgrade. City of Stirling projects include Charles Riley Reserve Clubrooms Refurbishment, Dianella Lacrosse & Cricket Club Facilities Upgrade, Hamersley Recreation Centre Accessibility, Breckler Park Club Room Upgrades and Herb Graham Recreation Centre. City of Canning projects include WA 8 Ball, Willetton Playgroup and Ferndale Community Facility Roof Replacement & Building Refurbishment and Canning Staging Area and War Memorial.

Curtin University

LKS Constructions' personnel are currently all inducted at Curtin University and have met all of there strict safety requirements. The work at Curtin include the construction of a $1.4 Million Sport Court which included  four multi-function tennis / futsal / netball courts on Edinburgh Oval.  LKS project team have also successfully completed upgrade of Building 613 Geophysics Laboratory, removal/demolition of building Musalla B541 and Securities B140  and installation of a Driving Simulator in the Technology Park Building B609.

Marine / Maintenance Works at Fremantle Port

LKS have been awarded a maintenance contract for an expected term of seven years. LKS Constructions has enjoyed an ongoing contract works relationship with the Fremantle Ports and has developed an expertise in repairs, maintenance and refurbishment works in a marine environment. Working out of the LKS Fremantle Office, the highly experienced staff undertake marine works, jetty and wharf repairs including fender replacements. Other works include building maintenance, road repairs and other civil works. LKS has successfully completed the installation of new fenders to Berth E at Fremantle Port and Painting of the Fremantle Passenger Terminal.

Programmed Management Facility  

The majority of works that LKS has completed for Programmed has been in a working environments. Works include Remedial Works at Wangara Fire Station ,  Tunic Room Upgrade at Mandurah Fire Station, Staff Toilet Upgrade at South Ballajura Primary School, Administration Block Upgrade at Halidon Primary School and Malibu School, Refurbishment of Court of Appeal Offices Supreme Court of WA, Melville Senior High School Student Services Upgrade and Physical Education Office.