Laguna Bocce Club Re-Roofing & A/C Works

Project Name: Laguna Bocce Club Re-Roofing & A/C Works

Client: City of Stirling

Project Value: $429,525

Project Description: 

The Laguna Bocce Club Facility required re-roofing due to the existing roof allowing water ingress and replacement of their existing air conditioning system.

The works included:

  • Demolition of the existing roof covering, stramit ceiling, existing ceiling grid and mechanical services.
  • Installation of new mechanical switchboard, mechanical AC units, rigid and flexible ductwork.
  • Installation of a new structural column within the toilets.
  • Installation of new roof sheeting, anticon, roof safety mesh, roof safety system, box gutters, gutters, downpipes and associated flashings.
  • Replacement of existing lighting with a new energy efficient LED ceiling panel light.