Melville Senior High School Physical Education Office

Project Name: Melville Senior High School Physical Education Office

Client: Programmed Facility

Architect: MPS Architects

Project Value: $398,000

Project Description:

Phys Ed Office

Demolition of existing brick walls, concrete slab, electrical, mechanical and hydraulics, removal of existing doors, windows, roller doors, and roof mounted fencing.

Extension of the Phys Ed Office included new concrete floor slab, rendered brick walls, new doors, windows and roller doors, a new steel framed and clad roof, new fixtures and finishes and installation of new fencing & gates.

Installation of new hydraulic fixtures and new electrical & data fixtures and fittings. Reinstallation of existing evaporative cooling units and split type air conditioning units, including extension and re-connection of associated services and the supply and installation of new split type air conditioning unit.

Cleaners Store

Demolition of the existing cleaner’s store. A new cleaners store was constructed within the existing store room on the opposite side of the gymnasium.

Works to this area include: Making a new door opening and installing new door & frame, and construction of a new brick wall to provide a separate chair store. Supply and installation of new cleaners sink and taps and the extension of hot & cold water services to the new sink.

Main Switch Board

The existing building main switchboard was ungraded as it didn’t have sufficient capacity for the additional loads and was not compliant with current standards.